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  • Stonewall Honors Prominent Women Leaders and Unsung Heroes - EDGEOnTheNet April 16, 2014
    Stonewall Honors Prominent Women Leaders and Unsung HeroesEDGEOnTheNetShe has coordinated the first Two Spirit Gathering in Minnesota, which became an annual event, and said that he identity as a lesbian two-spirit Ojibwe woman informs all of her work, art and spirituality. "We gathered the water from the four oceans and ...and more »
  • Holy Week 2014: Stories of Jesus; Best Movies to Watch - International Business Times AU April 16, 2014
    Holy Week 2014: Stories of Jesus; Best Movies to WatchInternational Business Times AUAs Palm Sunday began on April 13 in Australia, the Easter is another event that people look forward for the celebration of Holy Week 2014. Aside from the Easter eggs that kids are excited to hunt, the Holy Week also signify a long weekend and more ...and more »
  • Indigenous Australian paintings put on display - April 14, 2014
    Indigenous Australian paintings put on displayDAWN.comISLAMABAD: Thousands of years old indigenous art forms from Australia went on display for the first time here on Sunday. The three-day ... Another visitor admired the context of incorporating nature, water, animals and spirituality on the canvas. The ...
  • Yosipa Announces Release of 'Share My Soul' - Broadway World April 13, 2014
    Yosipa Announces Release of 'Share My Soul'Broadway World"Share My Soul" is a collection of more than 50 poems that reflect the author's journey through a difficult childhood, discovering spirituality and other life experiences. Most of the works in "Share My Soul" were inspired by Yosipa's time in Byron Bay ...and mor […]
  • Songkran 2014: When Does Thailand's New Year Festival Start? (PHOTOS ... - Huffington Post Canada April 11, 2014
    Songkran 2014: When Does Thailand's New Year Festival Start? (PHOTOS ...Huffington Post CanadaThe holiday is steeped in Buddhist traditions and is supposed to give Thais a moment to reflect spirituality and pay respect to their elders. As a result, you'll see lots of people making their ways to local temples to pray and cleaning Buddhist ...and mor […]
  • Preachers should learn from their global peers, Gregory says - Baptist Standard April 11, 2014
    Preachers should learn from their global peers, Gregory saysBaptist StandardThe book grew out of his work as a member of the Baptist World Alliance Commission on Worship and Spirituality. The commission asked Gregory to collect and edit two-dozen sermons by ... A sermon from Australia offers a good example of how to preach an ...
  • The Gods of Wheat Street: where soap opera meets the spirit world - The Guardian (blog) April 10, 2014
    The Guardian (blog)The Gods of Wheat Street: where soap opera meets the spirit worldThe Guardian (blog)“Australian Aboriginal stories and spirituality are not Aesop's fables," Bell says. "There's not always a clear moral in the story. They can be a little inaccessible for Western audiences. Sometimes with indigenous cultures, the story is […]
  • Author on ancient and afterworlds - Avondale College News April 9, 2014
    Avondale College NewsAuthor on ancient and afterworldsAvondale College News... Wales, Australia. The Australian book industry's Publisher of the Year is now a contributing cause to what an Avondale lecturer describes as her “incurable disease.” ... “I thought, They'll ask me to cut back on the spirituality, but they never did ...
  • Masses find spirituality beyond the church pews - The Age April 4, 2014
    The AgeMasses find spirituality beyond the church pewsThe AgeYou're bound to find that being discussed under canvas by the banks of a river somewhere in Australia this weekend by people who know they are being short-changed. A monetary surplus or deficit isn't the only indicator of how we're doing as a nation.and more »
  • Emma Watson talks faith and spirituality ahead of release of film 'Noah' - ChristianToday March 25, 2014
    Emma Watson talks faith and spirituality ahead of release of film 'Noah'ChristianTodayThe 23-year-old British actress said she has always been "more spiritual, than specifically religious". "I had a sense that I believed in a higher power, but ... Noah opens in cinemas across Australia on March 27. More articles. Noah film is 'N […]
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  • Chinese tourism: 'Finally, we are seeing the world' April 16, 2014
    Chinese tourists now outspend holidaymakers from all other countries. But how will the superpower's taste for travel change the world of tourism and how can Britain cash in? Abigail Haworth reports from the favourite hot spot 'Chinese Beach' in Thailand It's not the best afternoon to admire the view from the top of the observation tower i […]
  • Herald Exclusive: A dash of colour - DAWN.COM April 14, 2014
    Shazia Batool’s conversations – about Quetta, about the worsening situation and the burgeoning art scene – are filled with dramatic gasps and sharp intakes of breath but beneath her excitable exterior lies a steely resolve.
  • Yosipa Announces Release of ‘Share My Soul’ April 13, 2014
    New book shares insights into spirituality, creativity and life’s changes. (PRWeb April 12, 2014) Read the full story at
  • The Gods of Wheat Street: where soap opera meets the spirit world April 11, 2014
    Featuring both social and magic realism, drama seeks to portray the common obstacles faced by the burgeoning Indigenous middle class This is not Redfern Now ," says Jon Bell, creator, writer and co-producer of new ABC drama series The Gods of Wheat Street , about the trials and tribulations of a family in Casino, New South Wales, as he stresses it is no […]
  • Gravity 'celebrates presence of God' say US Christian reviewers April 6, 2014
    Christian critics in the US praise the spiritual candour and apparent faith in a deity expressed in Alfonso Cuaron's film, which George Clooney denies writing a key scene • Your questions for Gravity star Sandra Bullock It has picked up almost universally positive reviews and is being tipped for Oscars glory next year. Now Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity […]
  • Music, mysticism, elephants! April 6, 2014
    The Sanskritic culture of India drew an Australian into seeking a practical spirituality. Bhumika K. meets the fascinating Hanuman Brotherpeter, who believes spirituality can be fun
  • Kim K gets tweets Syria's-ly wrong April 2, 2014
    Also in Tattle: Kanye postpones Australia tour, Questlove to induct Hall & Oates, people still buy books.
  • Sudanese Sufi - Asim Gorashi March 29, 2014
    A Sudanese Sufi musician now living in Australia, Asim Gorashi is a powerful singer, a multi-instrumentalist (oud, violin, guitar), and a world whistling champion. Recorded at the Sydney Sacred Music Festival in 2013, Asim’s music brings together folk music from the many tribes of Sudan with sacred Sufi melodies and chants.
  • Russell Crowe talks 'Noah,' reveals why he's on Twitter: 3 highlights March 28, 2014
    Russell Crowe talks about the Bible-inspired 'Noah,' his real-life followers -- on Twitter. Check out the interview.
  • G20 'sherpas' guide economic agenda at remote outback summit March 28, 2014
    An unusual summit of diplomatic dealmakers and arm-twisters is underway in one of the most remote parts of the world. Far from the bright lights of Sydney where they last met in February, key government backroom operators known as "sherpas" are confronting global economic challenges at Uluru in outback Australia. If that achievement comes to pass, […]