How to Experience Miracles in Your Life
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  • Partyyy: Jerry Nunn goes one-on-one with the hilarious Adore Delano - October 24, 2014
    Partyyy: Jerry Nunn goes one-on-one with the hilarious Adore DelanoChicagoPride.comShe taught up about spirituality and God then wanted us to go on and do whatever. We all had our own ... JN: I Skyped her when she was in Australia one time for an interview so I was thinking she was in Australia a lot. AD: She is hilarious and one of ...
  • Tom Cruise's Son, Connor Cruise, Goes 'Soul Searching,' Decides Not To ... - Design & Trend October 24, 2014
    Design & TrendTom Cruise's Son, Connor Cruise, Goes 'Soul Searching,' Decides Not To ...Design & TrendTom Cruise, who is a devout and outspoken advocate for the Church of Scientology, was rumored to have disowned his son after he had left the Church to have his own spiritual journey. According to Radar, both his father and mother, actr
  • How to win Olympic gold - Philippine Star October 24, 2014
    How to win Olympic goldPhilippine StarSimilarly, when Dennis Conner's crew lost the America's Cup to Australia decades ago, they rededicated themselves to visualizing victory in the coming years leading up to the next America's Cup. The Americans won with relative ease. When asked how they ...
  • Your Toronto 2014 Issue Navigator - Torontoist October 24, 2014
    TorontoistYour Toronto 2014 Issue NavigatorTorontoistThe displays are organized by themes relating to Anishinaabe concepts of place and spirituality, and how they interact with the outside world. One of the most intriguing themes is “cottager colonialism,” which suggests that the colonization of ...
  • Meet 3 Muslim life-coaches who apply a sprinkling of spirituality - Aquila Style October 24, 2014
    Meet 3 Muslim life-coaches who apply a sprinkling of spiritualityAquila StyleIn Australia, there are numerous Muslim women making their mark in the area of coaching and motivation. Melbourne-based Monique Toohey, a registered psychologist, has worked with Muslim women and families for the past 18 years. Her goals, she says, ...
  • Make challah, not war: The beauty of Shabbat, without the coercion - Haaretz October 23, 2014
    HaaretzMake challah, not war: The beauty of Shabbat, without the coercionHaaretz... that is the philosophy behind The Shabbos Project. It was pioneered in South Africa by Rabbi Warren Goldstein, and now it's been taken to Britain by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, it's gone down under to Australia and in Israel it is being championed ...and more »
  • Senior Media Officer - Pro Bono Australia October 23, 2014
    Senior Media OfficerPro Bono AustraliaThe Communications and Media Services Unit serves the church by helping its members engage in and discuss issues that are important — spirituality, finding faith, putting faith into action through social issues, making links with other people of faith ...
  • What sort of people do we want young Australians to be? - The Conversation AU October 22, 2014
    The Conversation AUWhat sort of people do we want young Australians to be?The Conversation AUAmong the many recommendations of the Review of the Australian Curriculum is the view that the curriculum should place “more emphasis on morals, values and spirituality”. This is a significant outcome of the report. It asks us to focus on a wider and ...
  • National curriculum review has come up with evidence-based advice - The Australian October 16, 2014
    Herald ScotlandNational curriculum review has come up with evidence-based adviceThe Australian... Educational Goals for Young Australians, which is the foundation for the current Australian curriculum, says quite explicitly that schools play a vital role in promoting the intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development of ...Curriculum revi
  • School curriculum is 'overcrowded' and neglects western heritage, review finds - The Guardian October 12, 2014
    The GuardianSchool curriculum is 'overcrowded' and neglects western heritage, review findsThe GuardianThe report, released by the education minister, Christopher Pyne, on Sunday, could reopen the so-called history and culture wars in Australia. It calls for “more emphasis on morals, values and spirituality” and better recognition of “the contributi
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  • Make challah, not war: The beauty of Shabbat, without the coercion October 24, 2014
    If we could all switch off for just one day, we could have a tremendous impact on our families, societies and planet.
  • Anglican Dean finds joy in willing service October 19, 2014
    A dual Olympian with a strong focus on practical social justice and working with youth will be the new Anglican Dean of Perth.
  • Motivation For The Nations: Chuck D Interviewed October 13, 2014
    Public Enemy rapper speaks to Clash… Chuck D is quiet, pensive. Each word occupies a very deliberate space, with the rapper retaining a patient tone, as if to emphasise maximum impact for each phrase. Of course, he could also be tired. Speaking to Clash in London, the rapper is near the end of a global tour that has seen Public Enemy play to more than 175,00
  • David West: Magpie, Jet-Setter, and Serial Collaborator October 8, 2014
    The Aussie musician from Rank/Xerox, Lace Curtain, Total Control, and Rat Columns reveres harvest time in Western Australia. by Sam Lefebvre Light bounced between a busted disco ball and chintzy red streamers, illuminating a small stage in which the rock foursome Rat Columns yanked beers from a decrepit cooler and prepared to play. Foremost was David West, s
  • Mon River Fleet to honor Women of Achievement October 6, 2014
    Women from the State Health Improvement Plan’s partner communities of Braddock, Clairton, Duquesne and McKeesport will be recognized for their achievements in promoting better health. ...
  • Warm welcome awaits visitors to L’Arche Cape Breton October 2, 2014
    L'Arche Cape Breton core members Lindsay Quimby, left, and Jamie Stewart plant bok choy in a greenhouse at L'Arche's Whycocomagh location on Thursday.
  • 'We are not jihad babymakers': a Muslim mum speaks out October 1, 2014
    Sept. 24, 2014, 11:05 a.m. Like the vast majority of Australian Muslims, I was shocked and horrified when I heard of Operation Hammerhead. For days, I have felt nauseous at the sound of police helicopters in the sky, scaring away the birds that usually woke me up at dawn.
  • #The Arts* Hitting a high on Hykaur September 25, 2014
    Hyacinthe displaying one of her bridal trunks, decorated with her artistry skills. Photo by Hykaur. HYACINTHE KAUR may appear small in...
  • Slain Teenage Terror Suspect Shows Aussie Islamic State Threat September 25, 2014
    Mohamed Elomar stopped talking to his father two years before leaving Sydney for Syria, where he started posing on social media with the heads of soldiers who were on the wrong side of Islamic State's fight. "He was beautiful," a "marvelous boy," Mamdouh Elomar said of his 29-year-old son. What led Mohamed Elomar to abandon a life in
  • Teenager Shot Shows Islamic State Threat in Australia September 24, 2014
    The body of an 18-year-old “known terrorism suspect”, shot after stabbing officers outside a police station, is removed from the scene of the incident in Melbourne on Sept. 24, 2014.